3M Fall Protection RECALL (July 2019)

3M Fall Protection RECALL (July 2019) -Through continuous testing of our Twin Leg Nano-Lok Edge and Twin Leg Nano-Lok Wrap Back SRL’s, 3M has determined that in the event of a fall and under certain conditions, the energy absorber may not properly deploy which could expose the worker to serious injury or death. Although there have been no reports of accidents or injuries associated with this issue, and with the interests of worker safety, 3M has proactively implemented an Immediate Stop Use & Recall on all Twin Leg Nano-Lok Edge and Twin Leg Nano-Lok Wrap Back SRL’s. In the interim, and until a repair or replacement is available, the following options exist:

1. As soon as a product solution is available, 3M will repair or replace the units and return to the customer at 3M’s Expense.

2. Customer can elect to receive cash buy back of $200/Twin Leg Nano-Lok Edge or Nano-Lok Wrap back when the unit is Returned to 3M.

3. As an interim solution for applications requiring 100% continuous connection in leading edge applications with sufficient fall clearance, 3M recommends the DBI-SALA® EZ-Stop Leading Edge 100% Tie-Off Cable Shock Absorbing Lanyard. ** (Part Numbers: 1246067, 1246069, 1246068, 1246495, 1246178, 1246412)**

4. Customers can elect to use a Single Leg Nano-Lok Edge SRL (Run through the webbing of their OSHA Approved harness below the back d-ring) with a single leg EZ-Stop Leading Edge Lanyard attached to the workers d-ring.

5. If the customer has two Single Leg Nano-Lok Edge SRL’s, the customer can attach those two lifelines to the d-ring with our 3M™ DBI-SALA® Nano-Lok™ edge Web Loop Harness Adaptor 3500046