Wogisa President’s 2017 Update and Request for Nominations

Dear WOGISA Membership,

WOGISA is seeking members to serve on the WOGISA Board starting in 2018.  If you are interested in helping an active alliance please consider joining the WOGISA Board.  Please send your name and contact information to communications@wyomingsafety.org by November 13, 2017.    

Over this past year the WOGISA Board has continued to make progress on our goals.  I want to update you on the progress made in 2017. 

 The WOGISA Board has continued to provide quality training to all WOGISA members at no cost in multiple locations throughout Wyoming.  Ann Etcheverry, Jonah Energy, and the training committee provided OHST training in April.  This training was provided at no cost with help from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.  In September, in coordination with the Rocky Mountain Education Center and a Susan Harwood Federal Grant, we provided an OSHA certified Field Leadership Course to members free of charge.  I encourage more members to take advantage of the quality training programs in 2018.  

Another WOGISA accomplishment is the relationship with Wyoming OSHA (WYOSHA).  In June, WOGISA and Governor Mead signed the OSHA Alliance Agreement.  Sid Miller, Stallion Oilfield Services, and Dan Bulkley, WYOSHA have been instrumental in coordinating meetings and keeping the membership informed on OSHA topics.  WYOSHA is trying to take steps to significantly simplify the safety regulations for the oil and gas industry in Wyoming.  WOGISA has also secured participation by a Wyoming Legislator, Lloyd Larsen, to help us keep informed of the Wyoming Legislative activities.  I encourage you to voice your viewpoints at these meetings with WYOSHA or with the WOGISA Board to ensure all viewpoints are considered when regulations are formed.

In 2017, WOGISA started using the Facebook more actively again through the efforts of Matt Burgardt, Nabors Drilling.  WOGISA strives to keep current information on the Wyomingsafety.org website and Facebook.  Mike Hoyt, Zedi formerly Precision Analysis, keeps the website updated and if you would like other content on the website please tell a WOGISA Board member.  

WOGISA remained very visible this year.  Along with the WYOSHA Alliance Agreement, WOGISA was a sponsor of the 2017 Safety Summit.  WOGISA sponsored the Governor Mead’s Stop Work Authority Award and provided a check to the winner.  Through the assistance of Lannie Fladeland, Patterson-UTI Drilling, WOGISA had a booth at the Oil and Gas Fair in September.  

 In 2018, WOGISA wants to continue moving forward in promoting safety in the Wyoming Oil and Gas industry.  The WOGISA Board will continue to address issues important to the industry in Wyoming.  We need your support and participation. 

Finally, I would encourage you to get involved and help the industry.  As stated earlier we are taking nominations for open board positions and I would encourage you to participate on the committees even if you do not want to participate on the board.  Your commitment to the industry is very important.  


Chris Corlis

WOGISA President