Free Safety Webinar 6-21-2017

PPE and Combustible Dust: The Often Overlooked Piece of Protection-

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 12:00 pm Central 


Are you concerned about how NFPA® 652 impacts your safety program? In this webinar, you will get straightforward talk about combustible dust and how NFPA® 652 addresses the hazard. Bulwark’s resident FR expert, Derek Sang, will provide an explanation of the CD hazard, a step-by-step guide to both the new NFPA® 652 standard and the industry flash fire standards, NFPA® 2112 and 2113, which cover the selection, use, care and maintenance of FR garments.


Learning objectives

  • The definition of combustible dust
  • The difference between NFPA® 654 and NFPA® 652 in addressing the combustible dust hazard
  • NFPA® 652 requirements for employers whose hazard assessments indicate a CD hazard
  • The framework for selecting, using, caring for and maintaining FR clothing, according to industry standards NFPA® 2112 and 2113
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