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The Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) and the Wyoming Contractors Association (WCA) have teamed up for many years to provide vision, resources and real solutions to the ongoing safety challenges in the heavy industry trades in Wyoming. These organizations are now joined by the Wyoming Oil and Gas Safety Alliance (WOGISA), to promote safety and health improvement for the oil and gas exploration, production, transmission and refining industries in Wyoming.

WyomingSafety.org was created through the partnership of these organizations. The site contains useful information and resources to help your company hire the safest employees, get your employees trained and engaged, and make safety a priority.

In June 2011, WOGISA and Wyoming OSHA entered into a formal written alliance providing for the establishment of a collaborative relationship to foster a safer and more healthful workplace. The signing ceremony was held in Governor Mead’s office. Signatories to the alliance were WOGISA and Wyoming OSHA with the Governor signing as a witness. The original document is here.  In 2017, Governor Matt Mead signed a renewal of the agreement between WY OSHA and WOGISA.  The latest agreement can be found at 20170621 Alliance WOGISA _OSHA.

Vision and Objectives

Vision Statement: “Incident-Free Operations”


The Wyoming Oil and Gas Industry Safety Alliance (WOGISA), promotes safety and health improvement in the exploration and production of oil and gas in Wyoming. WOGISA fosters a work environment that relies upon open communication and trust, seeking to enhance Wyoming safety culture.


WOGISA includes Employee, Operators and Contractors in the Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, Product Transmission and Refining industry as equally valued members. WOGISA encompasses the geographic region within the Wyoming borders.


WOGISA will:

  • Meet periodically to share and discuss safety, and health incidents, best practices and related issues.
  • Establish focus groups to address specific issues.
  • Work with other organizations, including but not limited to: OSHA, IADC, API.

Resources Required: Members should designate representatives to participate in meetings, contributing knowledge, information and support.


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