Natural Gas and Mineral Wealth of a Country

The natural wealth of a country is a very important factor that determines the economic prosperity of a country. The naturally occurring minerals like the rocks and minerals that can be exploited and traded in the international commodity market in turn makes the country very rich. This very well includes the fossil fuels like the crude oil deposits and the gas also forms a part of this.

The natural gas and the mineral wealth are often found well within the depths of the earth’s crust. These natural-gas and mineral wealth are often drilled out and mined out by the gas exploration and mineral mining companies around the world. It is actually formed by the decomposition of the organic matter and the animals that have been fossilized millions of years ago and that has undergone the chemical transformation.

It is this natural-gas that is drilled out by the natural-gas companies by means of drillers. They drill out the gas and directly supply it to the different households and also the various industries by means of the pipelines. It is considered as the cleanest form of fossil fuel when compared to the other fossil fuels, like the coal and the crude oil. This is due to the reason that the burning of the crude oil and the coal results in very high emissions of the carbon particles and also other forms of unwanted particulates that will pollute the atmosphere. This form of pollution forms the green house gas emissions like carbon dioxide, which results in the global warming. The studies on the natural-gas have shown that the carbon emissions produced by its burning is very less.

The minerals that are being mined from the earth very well include the different forms of ores and salts. These minerals also occur within the earth in the form of large deposits. In fact it is a very well known fact that these natural gas and mineral wealth of a country are non renewable and it will not actually last long. This is because of the reason that their over usage will always result in their being exploited and harnessed more and more, due to the ever growing needs of the people and the industries around the world. As a result this natural gas and mineral wealth of a country is predicted by many experts to last only for some more years. If this is going to be the scenario then the world will be faced by a crisis for want of the natural-gas for their day today activities.

It is for this reason that most of the governments across the globe are educating their citizens to wisely use the natural gas and mineral wealth of their respective countries, so that such a crisis for want of these natural resources would never arise in the near future. Hence it is up to the worldwide human community to realize the need for the conservation of the natural gas and the mineral wealth of their respective countries.